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Finance and accounting

Specialists of DGP Research and Consulting provide outsourcing of accounting services. Our extended work experience and a large client base prove outsourcing of accounting services to be profitable, convenient and useful. By providing accounting services, we not only consult our clients on all emerging issues, but also determine the opportunities for improving the profitability and growth of the company.


The specialists of the company monitor all changes in taxes, statistical and financial calculations that occur in the legislation. In addition, we assist in the management of documentation and timely submission of reports, which is extremely important in the accounting and financial reporting of the organization.

The package for outsourcing of accounting services also includes services in financial management, management accounting and monitoring. The implementation of such services will help with the competent allocation of resources in your business.

A clear organization of the company’s internal processes – budgeting, planning, analysis and management reporting – will create the necessary financial discipline within the teams of our clients and lead to a proper vision of the business by the company’s management.

In the field of outsourcing of accounting and financial services for an existing business, DGP Research and Consulting offers the following services:

  • Organization of managerial reporting processes.

Effective management accounting makes it possible for managers and owners of companies to access detailed information submitted in an optimal format for perception, which will help in future decision-making.

  • Analysis of financial information provides a “decryption” of accounting data.

The manager not only sees numbers in financial reports; he has information on their underlying meaning.

  • Setting the system of financial control.

Competent financial control creates real transparency, validity and rationality of business transactions for managers and business owners.

For new business, DGP Research and Consulting offers the following services:

  • Creating a financial model of a business plan. Carrying out of financial estimation of the investment project.
  • Advising on the optimal financing strategy for the project.
  • Scenario analysis of the investment project based on the risk matrix.