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HR Consulting

The most important asset of any organization is qualified personnel. Each organization is a unique system with its own individual needs. Based on the requirements for the organization of the work of the staff, DGP Research and Consulting offers HR services in the following areas:

  • Personnel selection and search
  • recruiting, executive search, headhunting
  • development of motivation policy
  • Development of KPI
  • staff assessment, competency assessment
  • Outstaffing
  • formation of a development system and training of personnel
  • personnel records management


Our principles by which we are guided:

  • honesty and openness in working with the customer. We take into consideration only applications that can be executed in accordance with the requirements set by the Customer; in case of unforeseen circumstances we immediately notify the Customer; We do not allow the involvement of the Customer’s employees in the selection process for positions in other companies; We provide the Customer with the information for each candidate and the process of their selection.
  • A disciplined approach to recruitment – a multi-stage selection process ensures the high quality of the proposed candidates. The technological process of searching, selecting and presenting candidates takes from 2 to 8 weeks. We conduct a labor market analysis, carefully monitor the base of potential candidates and select the most appropriate resume
  • in the priority – confidentiality and observance of the interests of the Customer
  • Equitable cooperation based on the principles of mutual respect
  • Individual approach to each client

Stages of recruitment:

  • Accepting an application for a particular offer.
  • Processing of the application, including: finding out details in conjunction with the Client, monitoring the base of the company’s candidates, placing media advertising; if necessary – the dissemination of information on a wide network of contacts on terms of confidentiality.
  • Collection and analysis of candidates.
  • The first interview with representatives of the recruiting company (collection and evaluation of objective data on the education, qualifications and other characteristics of the candidate). Preparation of a short list for the second interview.
  • Second interview with selected candidates, their psychological assessment, assessment of personal qualities and intellectual abilities (a test for logical thinking, etc.). In parallel, the collection of recommendations.
  • Evaluation of candidates
  • Three candidates are submitted to the Client (average).