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Marketing and PR

PR-events, development of marketing strategy, SMM-promotion in Uzbekistan

Today your potential buyer is exposed to a continuous ray of information about all kinds of products and services due to the rapid development of technology and the popularity of social networks. The buying process is no longer limited territorially: people freely make purchases in any part of the world and daily discover new brands on a daily basis. But most importantly: thousands of consumers share their impressions on the quality of products or services, making their opinion public.

The world is no longer confined, and therefore ways for the provision of services and promotion of goods can not be the same. Do you want to create a brand that is strong and recognizable? You need to make a competent choice of ways and channels for promotion.

It is an integrated approach of creating a marketing strategy for development. Specialists of DGP R & C will help to formulate and convey to the consumers a clear understandable message about the benefits of buying specifically your goods and services.

The package for promoting your products and services to the market also includes:

  • branding services
  • project management
  • organization of events, including business (round tables, fairs, forums and other events)
  • assistance in carrying out specialized public relations PR activities

By providing SMM services, DGP guarantees: your project will go through all stages of a competent strategy – from studying the target audience to analytics and constantly working on key performance indicators.