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Strategic Marketing



“Who owns the information, he owns the world” (N.M.Rothschild)


Market entry with a new product or service, adjustment of actions with the current product, making tactical and strategic decisions, data collection for planning of activity and brand platform creation, identifying target markets and customer portrait development, assessment of advisability of market entry and search for the potential market growth-all these requires reliable and complete information about the market. A company that holds this information would possess a comparative advantage and ability to get ahead of the rest of the players, along with the ability to react on any immediate change in consumer’s preferences.

But is it always possible for a company to correctly collect and process the array of required data by using its own means? Does a company have enough time and human resources, and does its staff have required expertise and experience in order to conduct a research by its own? All over the word, it is preferred to delegate this task to professional research organizations.

DGP Research and Consulting offers its clients comprehensive solutions with the fully customized approach based on the client’s requirements.  With the experienced team of analysts and interviewers, who use both the available tools and original insight, we have an extensive experience in marketing research in a various areas; thus, we can confidently say that there is nothing impossible for our team.


What do we offer?

  • -evaluation of the market size
  • -market dynamics
  • -market forecasting
  • -market trends
  • -competitive environment analysis and benchmarking
  • -price analysis
  • -sensitivity analysis
  • -evaluation of demand and supply
  • -analysis of consumer preferences
  • -brand audit
  • -evaluation of marketing campaign effectiveness
  • -market segmentation
  • -target segments determination
  • -GIS analysis
  • -marketing strategy development
  • -regular information and analytical support
  • …and many others…

Methods used in research

-collection and processing of secondary data and standardized data (in order to get information in the following areas: macroeconomic indicators, demography, labor market, international trade, industry trends, supply and demand, and others):

  • statistical data
  • data from the industry publications
  • information from the media
  • data from various government departments and agencies
  • company internal data
  • data bases
  • retail audit data
  • information from customer panels

-collection and processing of primary data:

  • in-depth interview (non-standardized or semi-structured)
  • survey-personal interview using standardized questionnaire, survey over the phone or online
  • projection methods: association, interpretation, role play
  • focus groups
  • mystery shopping
  • observations
  • experiments

Our company conducts both qualitative and quantitative research based on the customers’ preferences.

How to order a research with us?

  • -know exactly the purpose of a marketing research, meaning determining its goals and questions/tasks it is supposed to address;-fill out the brief without leaving any blank spaces;
  • -email the complete version of a brief to our email address info@dgp,uz (in case of necessity contact us by phone);
  • -our manager will contact You should you have any further issues;
  • -upon receiving all required information, we will start preparing a plan for the research;
  • -You will receive information on research plan, cost and time periods during a 5 day period after we receive a complete version of a brief;
  • -upon final discussion of the research plan, cost offer and time periods of the signed contract, prepayment is made and we can proceed to work